Validation for Ember changeset - see tip 61


In the last tip, i talked about the awesome addon ember-changeset, there is a companion addon to add validations to your changeset.

Install the addon with
ember install ember-changeset-validations

Then you can wire up your model validator

    changeset=(changeset user EmployeeValidations)
    submit=(action "submit")
    rollback=(action "rollback")

Then create your validator

// validations/employee.js
import {​
}​ from 'ember-changeset-validations/validators';

export default {​
  firstName: [
    validateLength({​ min: 4 }​)
  lastName: validatePresence(true),
  email: validateFormat({​ type: 'email' }​),
  password: validateLength({​ min: 8 }​),
  passwordConfirmation: validateConfirmation({​ on: 'password' }​)

Try it out and let me know how it works.  Do you have a better way to handle validations?

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